Evergreen Properties & Management, Inc.

Our Services

  1. Spring Cleanup
    1. Removal of leaves from the property
    2. Removal of Sand/Gravel from the lawn areas
    3. Repairing plow damage, loaming damaged areas and seeding while staking off areas from automotive/foot traffic.
  2. Parking Lot Sweep - Sweep and Removal of Debris from Driveways and Parking Areas.
  3. Edging & Bed Preparation - Re-form the edges around beds, raking out beds and removing any visible weeds prior to Mulching
  4. Mulching Services (installation & delivery) - Installation of 2-4" of Premium Bark Mulch
  5. Planting of flowers - You pick them, we plant them or, we pick them and plant them - always your choice
  6. Weeding Services - On call, monthly or weekly services available
  7. Watering Services - Don't have time?  On call, monthly or weekly services available
  8. Four step fertilization and weed control program for lawn areas.  Used to promote a green lawn and to keep dandelions and other unsightly weeds away.  Also, applying lime to lawn areas in the fall. (using a licensed & insured sub-contractor)
  9. Pest control (using a licensed & insured sub-contractor)
  10. Pressure washing buildings and business signs with a cleaning solution to remove dust, dirt and using a mold killing solution wherever mold is found.  Also pressure washing all the build-up in your gutter systems to maintain proper function.  (using a licensed and insured sub-contractor)
  11. Trimming and pruning of shrubs/trees - Remove dead and diseased branches, or provide a professional manicured look to your property
  12. Fall Cleanup – Raking and removal of leaves from all lawn and parking areas, preparing beds for winter, trimming back of perennials
  13. Fall De-Thatching of Lawn
  14. Irrigation system startup/winterization (using a licensed & insured sub-contractor)
  15. Custodial work – Commercial Cleaning, Painting
  16. Parking Lot Repairs - Cold Patch and other minor repairs
  17. Professional Line Striping for Parking Lots
  18. Hourly Rate:  $38/man hour
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